Merry Christmas From The Chorley Group

Chorley Group Christmas Opening Hours

Store Opening Days & Hours

Sunday 24th December Closed - All Departments
Monday 25th December Closed - All Departments
Tuesday 26th December Closed - All Departments
Wednesday 27th December Open as Usual
Thursday 28th December Open as Usual
Friday 29th December Open as Usual
Saturday 30th December Open as Usual
Sunday 31st December Closed - All Departments
Monday 1st January Closed - All Departments
Tuesday 2nd January Return to Regular Hours

Live Chat Days & Hours

Sunday 24th DecemberOnline Until 12:30pm
Monday 25th DecemberOffline
Tuesday 26th DecemberOffline
Wednesday 27th DecemberOffline
Thursday 28th DecemberOnline from 8am
Friday 29th DecemberOnline
Saturday 30th DecemberOnline
Sunday 31st DecemberOnline until 12:30pm
Monday 1st JanuaryOffline
Tuesday 2nd JanuaryOnline from 8am