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Motability Cars

The easy way to the car of your choice. Join over 600,000 customers across the UK, the Motability Scheme allows you to exchange your motability allowance to lease a brand new car of your choice - allowing you to enjoy the options and independence the scheme brings.

The Motability Scheme is a government backed initiative that allows disabled drivers to get mobile by exchanging their mobility allowance to lease brand new motability cars. As a Motability dealer all our dealerships are equipped with accredited motability specialists who are there to help and answer any questions you might have about your car or the Motability Scheme.

The Motability Scheme is open to anyone who receives one of the eligible mobility allowances. Not sure if you qualify? Give us a call or send us a message online and one of our motability experts will make contact to help assist and advise on your motability options. 

All our new motability cars are on standard 3 year leasing, with the monthly payments deducted from your motability allowance. Every lease is all-inclusive, with the added benefits of free insurance (up to two named drivers), servicing, maintenance, full RAC assistance and many adaptation available for no extra cost. All you to worry about is keeping the car fuelled.

As a multi-franchise dealership we are able to provide motability cars for Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Fiat and MG, all on a wide range of models, engines and specification.

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Motability Scheme Benefits:

Your road to worry free motoring starts here. The Motability scheme offers a fantastic array of benefits, here are just a few of them.

  • A new car of your choice every three years (or five years for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle customer)
  • Insurance, servicing and maintenance included in all offers
  • Full RAC breakdown assistance
  • Tyre and windscreen replacement
  • Nominate up to two drivers, here
  • 60,000 mileage allowance over three years or 100,000 for WAV customers
  • Many adaptations at no extra cost, learn more about adaptation here.

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Motability Car Scheme

Once you sign up for the scheme, your motability allowance is deducted and paid to Motability Operations Ltd directly by the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions). At Chorley Group, we are partners to the Motability Scheme and will arrange, advise and assist in finding your new leasing agreement with Motability.

Motability Automatic Cars

Take some time to consider your needs and the different options available on Motability. Some users might require an automatic motability vehicle or a larger 7 seater vehicle for passengers. Our motability specialists can help advise and arrange test drives across our wide range of motability cars.

Motability Adaptions

Adaptions are devices that can be fitted to a motability car for specific needs. They can be driving assists, stowage adaptions or access adaptions that assist getting in and out of your car. Most new cars are compatible with these motability adaptions. If you have specific requests, please contact your local branch.

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Named drivers are people you choose to drive your Motability car. Learn more about picking your named drivers
Adaptions are a range of devices that can be fitted to your car to help you drive
The Motability Scheme enables disabled people to get mobile by exchanging their mobility allowance to lease a new car
The Motability Scheme is eligible for those entitled to one of various motability allowances