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Car Finance

Car finance has become an increasingly popular way for customers, like you, to fund their motoring needs thanks to flexible and bespoke finance options that break up the costs into fixed, affordable monthly payments that suit your lifestyle.

You no longer need to take large loans to afford brand new vehicles, instead, your car becomes just another like any other monthly subscription, such as your mobile phone. Car finance gives you the option to spread out the costs of your new vehicle over an agreed term (usually 36/48 months) with monthly payments, deposits and annual mileage agreed in advance. Everything works around your needs, not ours.

The various different types of car finance accommodate you in different ways, depending on your needs. The most popular option, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) essentially gives you 'ownership' of the vehicle for a fixed period of time/usage - with the option to either hand it back or pay off the remaining cost at the end of the agreement.

What are the Benefits of Applying for Car Finance Through A Dealership?

Whilst we ourselves are not lenders, we act as a credit broker and will arrange your finance plan on your behalf with one of our lending partners. This allows you to build your personalised finance agreement without having to worry about finding a suitable lender.

  1. We take care of all the paperwork on your behalf allowing us to process your order quicker than a traditional loan.
  2. You can often get approved for finance on the same day you apply.
  3. Finance packages arranged by us are designed specifically for car finance products, making them more appropriate than a generic loan.
  4. The vehicle acts as the security for the finance, meaning additional forms of credit remain open to you for other purchases.
  5. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA No 497010).

Chorley Group Finance Lending Partners

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Buying outright or applying for car finance – which is best?


The honest answer is, it depends on the individual. Some people prefer buying their cars outright, taking total ownership of the vehicle from the moment they leave the dealership. However, an increasing number of customers view their motoring needs as just another monthly subscription, the same way they see their mobile phone contracts, gym memberships or streaming subscriptions.

Many customers do not have the large savings required to buy a new vehicle outright - car finance opens up a whole range of opportunities to just about everyone, putting all the latest models and new technology within an affordable range for the majority of customers.

Am I eligible for car finance?


To be eligible for car financing on a vehicle you must be at least 18 years of age with a full UK driving licence. A decent credit rating is required for all finance agreements.

What if I have bad credit?


We work with several different car finance lenders including Black Horse, Mann Island, DSG, RCI Financial Services, Santander, Hyundai Finance and Vauxhall Finance – we have many options to try and find a suitable lender for you.

Can I check my credit score online? Will it affect my credit rating?


There are several online sites that allow you to check your credit rating among finance lenders. We can perform a ‘soft credit check’ - a partial background check which can give you a quick answer regarding your eligibility. Soft checks do not impact your credit rating score the way some ‘hard credit checks’ can, so there is no disadvantage to performing one.

What is APR?


APR, or Annual Percentage Rate is essentially the amount of interest you pay per year on the money you borrow from a lender. All Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) deals add the APR interest rates into the total costs of the vehicle, which is why the initial 'Cash Price' and the 'Total Amount Payable' at the end of the agreement are different. However, some PCP deals actually come with 0% APR, meaning you pay no interest whatsoever when you take out finance.

Do finance deals include extras like insurance or servicing?


We do not include insurance with our finance packages. Occasionally, some manufactures will include free servicing or other perks but as a general rule, finance deals only cover the cost of the vehicle – insurance, servicing, MOTs, parts and repairs are excluded. However all our vehicles come with warranties of varying lengths - you can read more about our warranty on our dedicated warranty section.

Can I apply for finance online?


Our website allows you to build your own bespoke finance deal on any of our used vehicles in stock. Once we have confirmed acceptance of your offer, you will be sent an order confirmation by email. At that point a contract will be formed between you, us and the finance company for use of your new vehicle. Our website is 100% secure with payments processed by our payment processor partner Stripe (and it’s global affiliates).

What happens if I damage my finance car?


You are responsible for the vehicle for the duration of any finance agreement. Any damage or repairs required on the vehicle during the agreement will be your responsibility. Your car insurance can cover potential accidents, however, we offer a range of additional protection packages – including SMART Repair which covers for any minor cosmetic scuffs or scratches, GAP Insurance protects against any financial shortfall in any insurance pay-out and Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance.

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