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Chorley Group Finance Options

It's never been easier to finance brand new premium vehicles with Chorley Group. We have the best borrowing options available in the North West, helping provide you finance to easily take ownership of your new or used car.

All the new and used car finance offers at Chorley Group are available in a variety of ways, giving you the flexibility to make the right choice to suit your lifestyle. All vehicles can be purchased outright at our current Cash Price offer, however an increasing popular option to finance new cars is to take out a finance agreement and pay monthly for the vehicle for a fixed duration. These finance agreements come in a variety of flavours to alter to personal requirements.

Finance arrangements are agreed upon at the start of a contract and will usually involve an upfront deposit followed by a series of fixed monthly payments. The costs of the deposit and monthly payments are determined by the amount of mileage you intend to do annually as well as the model, make and spec of the car being financed. What happens to the car at the end of the contract depends on the type of finance agreement taken out, some will require you to hand the vehicle back to the dealership whilst others will give you the option to keep the vehicle with a balloon payment.

A popular method of financing your car, pay monthly with the option to buy the vehicle at the end of the agreement
Lease your car over an agreed period of time with fixed monthly payments and hand the car back at the end
Pay off the entire value of your car with an initial deposit and fixed monthly payments
Equip your fleet with an initial deposit followed by the agreed fixed monthly payments
Lease Purchase is very similar to Hire Purchase but has a deferred (balloon) payment at the end of the contract