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Types of Cars

Small City Cars

Small, low cost urban friendly, city cars. Designed to work and park with easy in tight spots.

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Family Hatchback Cars

Medium sized family hatchbacks cars, spacious enough for for extra passengers and luggage.

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SUV/Crossover Cars

Combing the practicality of a family car with an SUV (sports utility vehicle) - often with off-roading capabilities.

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4WD Cars

4WD Vehicles


Hybrid Cars

Combing a petrol and electric engine, Hybrid cars have high fuel economy and low carbon emissions.

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Electric Cars

EVs are powered solely by electricity, completely eliminating your fuel bill and carbon emissions.

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Estate Cars

Typically estate's are family hatchbacks but with a large rear extension on the back - giving large storage capacity.

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Performance Cars

Performance Cars


New or Used? Petrol or Diesel? If you need some help getting started, we've got you covered.