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If you're moving abroad or you're currently living abroad you can save thousands of pounds buying a right hand drive or left hand drive car, tax free from the Chorley Group in the UK.

Welcome to Nissan Export, the only home of tax free specialists and export sales of Nissan cars and commercial vehicles for the last 20 years. From Benin to Bermuda, Sierra Leone to Samoa we have exported brand new Nissan's to over 100 different countries! Right or left hand drive cars are available with generous discounts. Our expert Dave Hull has over 34 years experience and will help advise you on all exporting requirements large and small.

For any export enquiries contact Dave Hull:

Tel: (0044) 1257 240617 or Email:

New Means of Transport

Exporting within the European Union

A very popular way for people leaving the UK and moving to the continent or expats already living in places like France and Spain to purchase a new left hand drive car. It may be that your finances are held in the UK or that you are uncertain in dealing with the local dealer because of language difficulties. Most of our left hand drive cars are built to order and registered here as a NMT collected by the customer on a trip back to the UK and then driven abroad. (You have 2 months from the date of first registration in the UK to remove the car).

Exporting outside the European Union

If you are already living outside the European Community or leaving the UK or EC you can purchase a tax free Nissan from us. We always advise our customers to look into the rules and regulations for importing a car into the country they intend to take the car to. Various import duties, registration fees and local taxes can sometimes make a new car purchase extremely expensive but also make it extremely cheap compared to buying the car locally.