The New Kia EV4 Concept Car

Kia has unveiled its plans for an all-electric saloon car with the Kia EV4 - a concept that is looking to turn into reality in 2025 when a production-ready version will be available.

By the time it hits Kia showrooms up and down the country, it'll already have stiff competition from the facelifted Tesla Model 3, BMW i4, and the IONIQ 6 from our sister firm, Hyundai.

Although this is currently a concept, we're told that it'll look pretty similar to the pictures we've been teased, which means it'll have plenty of eye-catching design features to help it stand out - something that the up-and-coming EV9 has waiting for us when it hits UK roads next year.

Kia says the EV4 is an "entirely new type of EV saloon" with the body style being a mix between a four-door saloon and a sleek coupe-SUV.

EV4 exterior

There is a short overhang at the front and a much larger one to the rear, plus a "floating roof" created by the black pillars that surround it - a train of the Kia EV range.

Thin LED lights sit on the outer edges of the nose, helping to make the car look wider in combination with the contrasting wheel arches.

And speaking of wheels, Kia has kept its knack of striking wheel designs, this time going for a triangular motif.

EV4 interior

The interior has a resemblance to the EV3 concept and next year's EV9, with minimalist design helping to give the impression of space with no centre console separating the driver from the passenger.

A huge dash-mounted dual screen will be able to use AI technology, helping the driver with day-to-day functions such as scheduling and improving efficiency through route planning and charging.

What battery will be in the EV4?

We expect to see the same-sized E-GMP platform that is currently in the IONIQ 6 and EV6 in the EV4.

A 77.4kWh battery powers the IONIQ 6 with up to 338 miles of range - something we're likely to see with this all-new EV from Kia.

Kia EV4 Concept Car
Kia EV4 exterior
Kia EV4 exterior
Kia EV4 cabin
Kia EV4 cabin
Kia EV4 interior
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