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Nissan ARIYA does it live up to its name?

The Nissan ARIYA is one of the new generation of electric vehicles coming to market. ARIYA translates to a ray of hope, but is it truly a spot of hope for electric vehicles?...

We will take you through all you need to know about this new model including:

  • How does the ARIYA look?
  • What you can expect from a fully electric car SUV?
  • How does the Nissan ARIYA perform?
  • How much is the Nissan ARIYA and cost to run?
  • When is the Nissan ARIYA coming out?

At first, we didn’t know how an inanimate object could be labelled as ‘noble and honourable’ – but after some digging, we understand why.

The ARIYA is Nissans next fully electric family-orientated SUV that comes with unique body styling, never-seen-before interior, stand out technology and can reach 310 Miles on a single charge.

But it’s not the only new electric car to come out recently, with rivals such as the Hyundai IONIQ 5, Kia EV6 and Ford Mustang Mach-e all making their debuts on the roads of Britain.

So, what makes the ARIYA stand out from its competitors?

Let’s take a look.

Yes, judge this book by its cover

and we mean it – just look at it!

The ARIYA has completely unique body styling that you’ve likely never seen before.

From its super-thin LED Headlamps for a clean, piercing look and Super UV/Infrared Cut Glass to its sleek and hands-free Power Tailgate at the rear, the ARIYA has exterior features that no other Nissan model has ever had before.

All of the above is riding on 19” Alloys that come as standard on the base model, the 63kWh Advance with the added benefit of Aero Covers to help with the ARIYA’s aerodynamics and efficiency.

Inside, the fun continues

Jumping inside, you’ll be amazed at how far comfort has come in the past few years because the Nissan ARIYA Interior is ahead of its time.

NASA inspired seats provide you with a great starting point to enjoy the most comfortable commute you’ll ever have. Depending on the spec, the seats only get better as you climb the ranks. The base model Advance comes with Black Synthetic Leather & Fabric Seats and the top of the range e-4ORCE 87kWh Evolve model features Black Synthetic Leather with Ultrasuede Inserts for increased luxury.

Looking straight ahead, you’ll find two 12.3” Displays that handle all of your Navigation, as well as 360 Around View Monitors, containing Infotainment and the cars performance details all in one place.

It is clear display options have been well thought out, the dual feature means you can swipe between displays quickly and with ease. In just a couple of swipes you can set the ARIYA up just the way you would like it.

Looking around, you’ll find more features such as Ambient Lighting which is engaged from the ProPILOT system. Touchable buttons called ‘Haptic Touch ’ on the dashboard, Electric Panoramic Sunroof to open up the cabin ( 63kWh Advance Sky Pack), and BOSE Premium Audio for a concert-like experience on the move ( 87kWh Evolve Model Onwards).

The family SUV

The ARIYA really is one of the best family SUV, coming equipped with 5 well-sized seats for you and all the family. As well as additional head & legroom for added comfort.

In the back, you’ll find 466L of boot space which expands when you fold the split-folding rear seats down, to make a completely flat surface for larger items such as bikes, multiple suitcases and much more.

Also, as mentioned before, the ARIYA comes with a Power Opening Tailgate as standard on the whole range, making life a little easier when you’ve got your hands full - the perfect car choice for busy families.

What’s under the “hood”?

The Nissan Ariya has a variant of battery options to suit all needs:

What battery does the Nissan ARIYA have?:

With the standard model alone, you’ll receive a max speed of 100mph, that's an astounding 0 – 62mph time of 7.5 seconds, and most importantly, a WLTP combined range of up to 223 miles on a single charge.

If you think you will be in need of more energy opt for the e-4ORCE 87kWh model. This is the ARIYAs top performing battery, you will enjoy a 4WD drivetrain, 5.7 seconds 0 – 62mph time, a top speed of 124mph, Max Torque of 600Nm and a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge.

Big on performance, little on the purse

How much will it cost you to ‘fuel’ the ARIYA?

To calculate this, we’ve taken the average price to fill up two cars of similar size.

The Ford Kuga EcoBoost 1.5L & Toyota Rav4 Hybrid 2WD.

With the current fuel prices , each of these cars now costs around £90 to fill the tank .

  • The Kuga could drive roughly 440 miles at 40mpg (average)
  • Toyota Rav4 Hybrid could drive roughly 550 miles at 50mpg (average)

But how far would the Nissan ARIYA 63kWh drive on £90 of electricity?

Let’s break it down.

  • Charging on Gridserve motorway chargers at 45p/kWh = 790 miles
  • Charging on current flat-rate capped tariff at 28p/kWh = 1275 miles
  • Charging overnight on off-peak tariff (such as Octopus Go) at 7.5p/kWh = 4700 miles

Impressive, right? But let’s break it down even further.

The current average price for a gallon of petrol is £7.45 at the rate of 163.9p per litre.

The Nissan ARIYA (based on off-peak charging on Octopus Go):

  • 63kWh variant would cost £4.72 for a full charge.
  • 87kWh variant would cost £6.53 for a full charge

BOTH of these models cost less to FULLY CHARGE than it does to get 1 gallon of fuel into a petrol car… meaning that for the price of a gallon of petrol, you could drive the ARIYA up to 394 miles - incredible.

So, when can you expect the ARIYA?

The Nissan ARIYA has been pushed back a few times due to lack of supplies, however it is almost among us. But, we are sure its worth the wait! Nissan and selected dealerships are currently taking pre-orders with shipments this summer 2022.

Speak to your local Chorley Group dealership today to pencil in your test drive when our demonstrator models become available.

We’ll see you soon.

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