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What is a heads-up display?

What is a heads-up display and why is this a great bit of technology that will help you drive better?

Well, heads-up displays are becoming more common in cars so you may have heard of them. The idea of heads-up displays is to show important information such as car speed into your line of sight, making it safer for you as you don't need to take your eyes off the road.

Heads-up displays are being added onto most new cars, but they originated from military aircraft and were first introduced in luxury cars. Now they are on more mainstream cars and vans.

There are two different types of heads-up displays that you can get and any potentially get installed on your car.

What are the different types of head-up displays?

The two different types of head-up displays are those which project the information onto a small screen that rises up from the dashboard when the HUD is turned on, and those of which are projected onto the windscreen directly.

Most people prefer the head-up displays that project onto the windscreen as they are more visually appealing.

What do head-up displays do?

Head-up displays provide key information onto a display or directly onto the windscreen. This information can vary from car to car but all head-up displays show the car’s speed. Some other information that can be displayed:

-Sat-nav route.

-Drivers assist systems ( i.e. cruise control or lane keep assist)

-Time to a destination if sat-nav is active

Some more advanced head-up displays can show animated arrows directing you to your destination using a feature called augmented reality - look for this wording if you’re looking for this feature on your head-up display system.

Is it worth getting a head-up display?

You may think "Is a heads-up display worth the money? I can look at the dials quicker if I just look down”. That is true, but you may find that having a head-up display is a good option to consider. Head-up displays are helpful pieces of technology that many drivers find themselves relying on from day to day. They may seem insignificant but once you have one, it is hard to go back to a car without it.

If you’re unsure if you want a car with a head-up display or thinking about installing one and you want to see it in action first, speak to one of our team to arrange a test drive and a demonstration on how it works or visit your local Chorley Group branch.

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