How much can the Kia Sorento tow?

That might be a question you find asking yourself as you enter the summer holiday getaway season with the family.

But even though your Sorento is a perfectly capable 7-seater SUV that has a LOT of storage inside for bags & cases for your vacation, maybe you're thinking of taking your home away with you in the form of a caravan.

So... what can the Sorento tow?

There are 3 different measurements you need to know when towing with your Sorento:

  • Unbraked towing capacity - towing without its own braking system
  • Brakes towing capacity - towing a trailer with its own braking system
  • Maximum braked towing capacity - the maximum weight a vehicle can tow when the trailer has its own braking system

The current generation of Kia Sorento can tow:

  • 750KG unbraked
  • 1,350KG braked and;
  • 2,000KG maximum braked

So, to put this into some perspective: your average 2-4 berth caravan (sleeps 2-4 people) usually weighs around 800KG - 1,300KG.

And if you go further upmarket into the 4-6 berth, you'll typically find that they weigh anywhere between 1,300KG - 1,800KG, or even beyond.

Depending on what berth caravan you have, you can get a good idea from the above weights of what your Kia Sorento is capable of pulling.

Be warned

Towing a trailer or caravan is not as easy as it looks and if you're not prepared for it, you could end up in a bit of bother.

If you need more information and safety tips on how to tow a trailer/caravan, please use the Government guide for a full rundown of limitations.

Enjoy your vacation!

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