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Motability Adaptations


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Driving Adaptations

Most driving adaptations are only compatible with automatic gearbox gears, for those with limited mobility in their arms and legs driving adaptations are the ideal solution. Driving adaptations assist in the steering, signalling and speed control of the vehicle. Speed control adapations can include push and pull devices by the wheel, allowing you to accelerate your motability car without using your legs.

Alternatively, for those with limited or weak mobility or grip in their hands, steering wheel and handbrake adaptations can help relive some of the work.

Stowage Adaptations

Many motability users desire a vehicle that is capable of lifting a wheelchair or scooter like a boot hoist or rooftop stowage unit. This adaptation depends largely on the type and size of your wheelchair or scouter. Our motability specialist will be able to make the appropriate recommendation in choicing your motability vehicle. Adding a boot hoist to your motability vehicle is an alternative to a Wheelchair Acessible Vehicle (WAV).

Our motability specialists will need to know the height and weight of your wheel chair/scooter, a 4-way hoist is ideal for larger equipment whereas a 2-way hoist may be sufficient for smaller, lighter wheelchairs. Rooftop stowage units are also an alternative way of storaging and transporting your equipment.

Access Adaptations

The third type of motability adaptation are designed to assist access to and from your car. These access adaptations can be installed to assist wheelchair users getting in and out of the car. These adaptations can be as simple as a transfer plate, a smooth surface between the wheelchair and the car seat which allows easy transfer from one sit to the next.

An electric person hoist is a more sophisticated adaptation, a permanent mount fitted to the car. Another type of access adaptation is a swivel seat which can move in and out of the car, either manually or electrical power versions are available.