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Imagine you, your car and technology working together in sync, that's what you can achieve with NissanConnect.

Effortless Guidance from A to B, Live Traffic Updates to keep you one step ahead and Door-To-Door Navigation from your phone to your car - that's NissanConnect, right here, right now. But, we're just getting started.

So, what do I benefit from NissanConnect?

NissanConnect services offers you a suite of services to improve your connection with your vehicle, your navigation & driving, as well as providing you with a more comfortable & safer driving experience on your daily commute, dropping the kids off at school or family vacations. NissanConnect has your back.

Lets take a look at what comes with NissanConnect;

NissanConnect AppleCarPlay
Free Service
NissanConnect GoogleAssistant
Free Service
NissanConnect In Car WiFi
Paid Service

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto is the ultimate way to enjoy your favourite songs & podcasts on the move. Just connect your smartphone and away you go, easy.

Working together with NissanConnect, your Google Home technology can interact with your car from the comfort of your sofa such as sending navigation details to your vehicle ahead of time.​

A paid service from NissanConnect, the WiFi hotspot allows you to connect up to eight devices (WiFi enabled) such as smartphones, laptops and portable gaming devices to your vehicles when you're on the go or within the vicinity of the vehicle when stationary.

NissanConnect Driver Analysis
Paid Service
NissanConnect Maps & Life Traffic
Paid Service
NissanConnect Remote Control Services
Paid Service

Want to know how your drive went? No problem. With NissanConnect driving history & analysis, explore information about your previous trips, fuel consumption, distance travelled and more, keeping you in the know about your performance with the vehicle.

Never be late for an appointment again with Live Maps & Traffic from NissanConnect. Allowing a destination to be sent to your car in advance with Google Home, the Live Traffic feature will keep you in the loop with what is going on around you on the roads, meaning you'll never be late again.

Make your car stand out in any situation with Remote Control Services. Flash the lights and sound the horn to easily find your car in busy car parks. For convenience, you can preheat or cool your Nissan LEAF before you even enter it - giving you back those spare minutes to get ready on those cold/hot mornings.

Your safety, our priority.

NissanConnect Support
NissanConnect Breakdown Assistance
NissanConnect Smart Alerts
Paid Service

At a complete loss? No problem. Nissan support are always on hand to provide helpful information for any situation you might find yourself in.

In the event of an unfortunate breakdown, you can contact a 24/7 assistance provider from inside the vehicle by pressing a virtual button that is placed on the navigation screen, or from your smartphone application. An agent will be able to receive your call and provide you with assistance with your problem.

Always have complete control over your vehicle with Smart Alerts. Set up alerts for when others drive your car and receive notifications when a certain speed limit has been passed, driven beyond a set time or has gone outside the zone you specified for the vehicle - keeping you and other drivers safe when on the roads.

What vehicles is NissanConnect available on and how do I get it?

You can download NissanConnect from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store easily.

NissanConnect is available for;

Next Generation Nissan Juke
Next Generation Nissan Juke
Nissan LEAF
Nissan LEAF
Nissan Navara
Nissan Navara