The Explore Electric Event from Hyundai

The Explore Electric Event

Is electric right for me?

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We encourage you to satisfy your curiosity about electric cars at the Hyundai Explore Electric Event.

Explore the range and find out key facts about owning an EV below.

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Looking for an electric Motability car? Why not go with the IONIQ 5 from £299 advanced payment? Or upgrade to the all-new IONIQ 6 from only £2,499 advanced payment.

But if you're in the market for a new car, we have a range of PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) deals on electric Hyundai such as the KONA Electric from £399 per month. Use the buttons above to explore.

Reasons to drive an electrified vehicle

There are many reasons to go electric: the driving experience, sustainability, and reduced emissions – explore everything about going electric and find out what kind of electrified powertrain best suits your lifestyle.


Electric vehicles provide a remarkable level of performance and agility. The absence of a 6-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine does not equate to being slower. EVs deliver instant torque and rapid acceleration. Despite the added weight of the battery, EVs exhibit swift acceleration from a standstill and maintain a seamless as well as consistent speed.


Electric vehicles don’t have a transmission like petrol or diesel cars. Not having a big centre tunnel or gear shifter inside the car lets us create a flat floor and more room for passengers.

Nice and quiet

Due to their low-noise electric motors, electric vehicles produce minimal sound at lower speeds in contrast to their internal combustion counterparts.


Electric vehicles are typically equipped with a single-speed reduction gear, so there’s no more shifting. As a result, the ride is smooth and the response is almost instantaneous.

Petrol / Diesel ban

The UK Government plans to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles in 2035. Getting an EV today has never been easier and will give you plenty of time to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of electric vehicle ownership.

Operating costs

There may be financial benefits in making the switch to electric. While the purchase of an electric vehicle can be more expensive, the operating costs are typically lower. Unlike a petrol or diesel car, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts. This helps reduce the maintenance cost and likelihood of faults.

Charging infrastructure

The network of electric charges in the UK and Europe is ever-growing. For example, Charge MyHyundai gives you access to over 42,000 charging stations in the UK (and over 600,000 across Europe).

Hyundai KONA Electric

Comprehensive Guide to Electric Cars: Charging and range explained

There are two types of electric vehicle charging: normal alternating current (AC) charging and fast direct current (DC) charging. Normal AC charging is typically less energy-intensive which makes it much slower. When you charge at home using a conventional plug or home EV charger, or even at some public stations, you will be using AC. Fast DC charging can be completed in under an hour and is typically only found at public charging stations.

Normal charging with alternate current (AC).

Home EV chargers typically provide up to 22 kW. The on-board charger converts AC into the DC energy that is stored in the vehicle's high voltage battery. Plugging into a regular home socket also charges with AC current.

Fast-charging with direct current (DC).

When charging with direct current (DC) the vehicle’s on-board charger is bypassed, so charging can be much faster. As a general rule of thumb, DC fast-charging is defined as everything in the range of 50 kW to 150 kW.

Ultra-fast charging with direct current (DC).

As a general rule of thumb, DC ultra fast-charging is defined as everything in the range of 150 kW to 350 kW. When connected to an ultra-fast 350kW charger, IONIQ 5 & IONIQ 6 are capable of charging from 10-80% in as little as 18-36 minutes.

Simplify public charging with Charge myHyundai

Charge myHyundai is a comprehensive and easy-to-use public charging solution that gives you access to one of the largest public charging networks in the UK with over 40,000 chargers and for your business and holiday trips, to mainland Europe, over 634,000 chargers are available on Charge myHyundai.

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5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Like every Hyundai, the IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6 are built to the highest possible quality standards. And we back that quality up with a 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty so you can enjoy the things you love in life, without having to worry about your car. On top of that, the high-performance lithium-ion polymer battery is warranty protected for 8 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Enjoy the extra peace of mind that one of the industry’s best warranties gives you – standard.

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Beginner's Guide to Going Electric

To learn more about owning an electric vehicle we recommend downloading the detailed guide below.

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