A new addition to the family... welcome, GWM ORA Cat

We're pleased to finally let this 'Cat' out of the bag and announce our partnership with GWM ORA UK which will be based out of our Head Office in Chorley.

Going live from the 13th March 2023, we'll be bringing you a brand-new, fully-electric car, the ORA Funky Cat.

The ORA Funky Cat is retro, yet fresh & futuristic, and we can't wait for you all to see it in the metal.

2023 has already gotten off to a great start for us and we're VERY excited about the prospects this new car will offer the business and our customers.

Just some of the spec you'll find...

  • Up to 193* mile range
  • 48kWh battery
  • 360 Degree camera
  • 18" Alloys
  • Voice assistant
  • Wireless phone charging
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