ORA 03 | Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure about something? We understand...

With ORA 03 being new to the UK, you'll likely have some questions about what exactly the ORA 03 can do - especially if you own one.

We've answered some of the most common questions we've got from customers since launching in the UK.

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Hello ORA Voice assistant


Question: How do I activate my voice assistant?

Answer: You can either say, ‘Hello ORA’ or simply click the voice activation button on your steering wheel

Question: What can the 'Hello ORA' voice assistant do?

Answer: Hello ORA can assist you to perform various functions in the car, including things like: turning up volume, opening windows, finding the nearest charging station, and altering climate controls.

Question: Can I change my wake-up word?

Answer: If you don’t want to say ‘Hello ORA’ you can choose a different wake-up word to suit. Wake-up words can also be turned off so that the voice activation is only controlled by the button on the steering wheel.

My infotainment


Question: Which buttons do I use on the steering wheel to control my dashboard screens?

Answer: Almost all your car settings can be accessed through the infotainment screen (left), which is where you will access features like satellite navigation, radio, vehicle safety settings, display settings, and more. The screen right in front of the steering wheel displays driver information only and can be controlled via the steering wheel button cluster on the right-hand side. Here you'll find trip data and depending on your display preference, real-time traffic data. The left-hand side steering wheel button cluster controls information on the infotainment screen (left) only.

Question: Will I always have to select my preferred settings at the start of every journey?

Answer: When choosing your settings preferences at the start of a journey, please be aware that core functions such as safety systems are always set to default ‘on’. This means that if you choose to turn off certain safety settings, it will not be a permanent choice and the feature will default to ‘on’ for future journeys. Other settings such as display and radio preferences will be remembered and saved until changed.

Question: Do I get access to online features for free?

Answer: Yes! Your new ORA 03 comes with a free 18 month entertainment bundle that enables access to things like Online radio, advanced ‘Hello ORA’ features and enhanced satellite navigation.



Question: How safe is ORA 03?

Answer: Thanks to its comprehensive ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), ORA 03 has achieved a very high 5-star Euro NCAP rating and has recently been announced as one of the top 10 safest cars to launch in the UK in 2023.

Question: What ADAS functions come as standard?

Answer: As standard, ORA 03 comes equipped with 360-degree cameras, adaptive cruise control with lane centering function, lane change assist, blind spot detection, traffic sign recognition, emergency braking, and rear cross-traffic alert and brake.

Question: I want to turn some safety systems off, can I?

Answer: You can disable various features of the safety systems in the vehicle to suit your driving style. Lane departure warnings and fatigue detection are settings that you might want to disable if you prefer an unassisted journey. This can be done in ‘vehicle settings’ via the infotainment screen: [Vehicle Settings > Intelligent Driving]

The App


Question: What can I do in the GWM ORA App?

Answer: Binding your ORA 03 to the GWM ORA app allows you to enhance your ownership experience through additional functionality including activating your free 18-month entertainment bundle. Through the handy app, you can also pre-heat and pre-cool your vehicle, lock & unlock, open windows, and check vehicle status. You can also upload photos, chat with like-minded people and even ask questions of our product experts.

Question: Can I use my vehicle without the app?

Answer: Of course! But GWM ORA always recommends downloading the App, as it unlocks additional functionality of the ORA 03.

Climate Control


Question: Can I pre-heat and pre-cool the cabin?

Answer: Yes! You can access this feature in the GWM ORA app.

Question: Will using the heating impact my range?

Answer: Use of in-car functions like climate control will impact your usable range slightly depending on the setting and frequency of use.

Question: I set the climate control temperature to high but it’s not circulating any heat

Answer: Make sure that the ‘sun’ icon is selected within the climate control panel. This will make sure that warm air is available and circulated as desired.