ORA Business Offers

No trucks. No pick-ups. Just one amazing car - the ORA 03. A quirky but reliable car that can work wonders for your sustainable business.

Our dedicated Business Centre specialists are on hand to make sure that you get the most out of your ORA - offering advice and solutions to all of your questions.

Current business offers

CarColourTermAnnual MileageMonthly Payments (+ VAT)Initial Rental (+ VAT)
48kWh Pure+ Starry Black1 + 23 Months 5,000 £305.43£305.43
48kWh Pure+
Starry Black3 + 23 Months5,000£281.94£845.82
48kWh Pure+Starry Black6 + 23 Months5,000£252.77£1,516.62
48kWh Pure+Starry Black9 + 23 Months5,000£229.08£2,061.72
48kWh Pure+Starry Black12 + 23 Months5,000£209.44£2,513.28
48kWh Pure+Starry Black1 + 35 Months5,000£220.73£220.73
48kWh Pure+Starry Black3 + 35 Months5,000£209.12£627.36
48kWh Pure+Starry Black6 + 35 Months5,000£193.81£1,162.86
48kWh Pure+Starry Black9 + 35 Months5,000£180.60£1,625.40
48kWh Pure+Starry Black12 + 35 Months5,000£169.07£2,028.84
48kWh Pure+Starry Black1 + 47 Months5,000£217.11£217.11
48kWh Pure+Starry Black3 + 47 Months5,000£208.42£625.26
48kWh Pure+Starry Black6 + 47 Months5,000£196.63£1,179.78
48kWh Pure+Starry Black9 + 47 Months5,000£186.09£1,674.81
48kWh Pure+Starry Black12 + 47 Months5,000£176.64£2,119.68
63kWh Pro+Two Tone1 + 23 Months5,000£315.04£315.04
63kWh Pro+Two Tone3 + 23 Months5,000£290.81£872.43
63kWh Pro+Two Tone6 + 23 Months5,000£260.74£1,564.44
63kWh Pro+Two Tone9 + 23 Months5,000£236.29£2,126.61
63kWh Pro+Two Tone12 + 23 Months5,000£216.03£2,592.36
63kWh Pro+Two Tone1 + 35 Months5,000£240.82£240.82
63kWh Pro+Two Tone3 + 35 Months5,000£228.15£684.45
63kWh Pro+Two Tone6 + 35 Months5,000£211.45£1,268.70
63kWh Pro+Two Tone9 + 35 Months5,000£197.03£1,773.27
63kWh Pro+Two Tone12 + 35 Months5,000£184.45£2,213.40
63kWh Pro+Two Tone1 + 47 Months5,000£236.21£236.21
63kWh Pro+Two Tone3 + 47 Months5,000£226.77£680.31
63kWh Pro+Two Tone6 + 47 Months5,000£213.93£1,283.58
63kWh Pro+Two Tone9 + 47 Months5,000£202.46£1,822.14
63kWh Pro+Two Tone12 + 47 Months5,000£192.18£2,306.16
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ORA Cat Alloy Wheels Chorley Group
ORA Cat Headlights Chorley Group

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