Vauxhall Reveals Vivaro-e Hydrogen Van Coming To UK In 2023

Up to 249 miles on a brimmed tank makes Vivaro-e Hydrogen a long-range zero-emission commercial vehicle.

Vauxhall has confirmed that it will add a hydrogen fuel cell option to its commercial vehicle line-up with this, the Vivaro-e Hydrogen.

Launching in left-hand-drive markets with an Opel badge later this year, it will come to Britain in right-hand drive early in 2023 if customer demand is there, and wearing Vauxhall badges. It will be built at Opel’s headquarters in Russelsheim, Germany.

Vauxhall Vivaro-e Van Coming 2023

Vauxhall’s new commercial fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) is based on the same platform as the battery-electric Vivaro-e, and it uses the same front-mounted electric motor too, rated at 134bhp in the Vivaro-e but unconfirmed in this Hydrogen variant. However, in place of the large underfloor battery is a smaller 10.5kWh unit mounted beneath the front seats, which is constantly charged by a 45kW fuel cell.

The fuel cell is fed by three 700-bar hydrogen tanks that can be refilled in three minutes at a hydrogen refueling station. Vauxhall claims a maximum range of 249 miles, eclipsing the 205 miles claimed by the largest 75kWh battery version of the Vivaro-e.

The Vivaro-e Hydrogen will come with plug-in support too, so can run using battery power alone for a maximum range of 31 miles.

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