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How to reset Vauxhall ESP service light

Has the ESP (electronic stability programme) light come up on your Vauxhall? Here's what you need to do.

Firstly - what is ESP?

Boiled down, ESP is an important safety feature that helps prevent you from losing control or skidding in your car. It's designed to detect and reduce the loss of traction, thus keeping you safer in trickier conditions.

Secondly - my ESP service light has come on, how do I reset it?

Resetting the ESP service light in your Vauxhall isn't recommended as it can hide potential problems with the ESP.

Here are two reasons you shouldn't reset it yourself:

  • The underlying issue isn't being addressed: resetting the light only clears the warning and not the problem causing it
  • Safety hazard: a faulty ESP system can hinder your car's stability and increase the chances of you getting into an accident

What should you do instead?

Something as tricky as the ESP needs to be looked at by a trained professional mechanic. You can book your Vauxhall into our service centre to get it looked at if you have any concerns about the stability of your car.

If you'd like to visit us in branch, we're located at 152 County Rd, Ormskirk, L39 1NW - you can get directions to our dealership here.

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