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Taking a Contract Hire lease lets you take control of the car for the fixed period paid with an initial deposit followed by the agreed fixed monthly payments.

Isuzu Business Users

Isuzu Contract Hire leases can be taken on the whole Isuzu range. Contract Hire allows fixed-cost monthly payments with a low initial outlay. We'll arrange delivery and collection of your vehicles - meaning you don't have to worry about disposing or selling the vehicle at the end of the contract.

Contract Hire comes with a variety of financial incentives too, VAT registered businesses can reclaim 50% of the VAT on the contract and 100% of the VAT on any maintenance element.

To learn more about Business Contract Hire and our other finance options available at Chorley Group on our dedicated finance page

  • Step One: Discover which Isuzu is most appropriate for your fleet by viewing the Isuzu range.
  • Step Two: Pick your new Isuzu and arrange your free 48 Hour Test Drive!
  • Step Three: Let us tailor suit your Isuzu Contract Hire lease at our Business Centre. Decide your annual mileage, the initial deposit, and fixed monthly payments.

Isuzu Contract Hire Range

Business Contract Hire

Model1 + 35, 8K Miles P/A3 + 35, 8K Miles P/A6 + 35, 8K Miles P/A9 + 35, 8K Miles P/A12 + 35, 8K Miles P/A
DL20 Double Cab Manual£409.31 + VAT£387.76£359.39
DL20 Double Cab Auto£438.65 + VAT£415.57£385.16£358.90£335.99
DL40 Double Cab Manual£433.58 + VAT£410.76£380.71£354.75£332.11
DL40 Double Cab Auto£463.07 + VAT£438.69£406.59£378.87£354.69
V-Cross Double Cab Manual£450.56 + VAT£426.85£395.61£368.64£345.11
V-Cross Double Cab Auto£475.41 + VAT£450.39£417.43£388.97£364.14
Artic Truck AT35 Manual£854.10 + VAT£809.15£749.94£698.81£654.21
Artic Truck AT35 Auto£892.40 + VAT£845.43£783.57£730.14£683.54

Personal Contract Hire

Model1 + 35, 8K Miles P/A3 + 35, 8K Miles P/A6 + 35, 8K Miles P/A9 + 35, 8K Miles P/A12 + 35, 8K Miles P/A
DL20 Double Cab Manual£491.17 Inc VAT£465.31 Inc VAT£431.27 Inc VAT£401.87 Inc VAT£376.21 Inc VAT
DL20 Double Cab Auto£498.68 Inc VAT£498.68 Inc VAT£462.19 Inc VAT£430.68 Inc VAT£376.21 Inc VAT
DL40 Double Cab Manual£520.30 Inc VAT£492.91 Inc VAT£456.85 Inc VAT£425.70 Inc VAT£398.53 Inc VAT
DL40 Double Cab Auto£555.68 Inc VAT£526.43 Inc VAT£487.91 Inc VAT£454.64 Inc VAT£425.63 Inc VAT
V-Cross Double Cab Manual£540.67 Inc VAT£512.22 Inc VAT£474.73 Inc VAT£442.37 Inc VAT£414.13 Inc VAT
V-Cross Double Cab Auto£570.49 Inc VAT£540.47 Inc VAT£500.92 Inc VAT£466.76 Inc VAT£436.97 Inc VAT
Artic Truck AT35 Manual£1,024.92 Inc VAT£970.98 Inc VAT£899.93 Inc VAT£838.57 Inc VAT£785.05 Inc VAT
Artic Truck AT35 Auto£1,070.88 Inc VAT£1,014.52 Inc VAT£940.28 Inc VAT£876.17 Inc VAT£820.25 Inc VAT