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Why EV?

Making the switch from a conventional petrol or diesel engined car to a hybrid or electric vehicle may seem like a daunting leap at first.

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In the case of Hybrids, the step up from a conventional car is fairly small – you still put fuel in at a petrol station, and you still have an engine providing the motive force to get you down the road (most of the time!). You don’t need to plug them in, but they use less petrol than a traditional combustion-engined vehicle. Learn more about our Hybrid cars here.

Plug-in Hybrids, or PHEVs for short, offer the next step along the journey towards electric driving. They rely on a battery and motor for short trips, but with the get-out-of-jail-free card of a petrol engine to allow you to complete longer journeys without stopping to charge en-route. Find out more about Plug-in here.

Fully Electric Vehicles (or EVs) are the ultimate choice for people who want to save money on fuel, and also do their bit to reduce exhaust emissions. They don’t have any exhausts, or engines, or fuel tanks – instead they have batteries and motors. They might require you to charge up more often than you are used to visiting petrol stations, but with the driving range of some models now reaching 300 miles to a charge, and the ability to refuel your car at home in your driveway, they offer a great solution for many people.

What types of EV are there?

With numerous entry points into the EV market even if you're not ready to commit to a 100% Electric Car, Hybrids and Plug-Ins are useful transitional cars away from fossil fuel vehicles.

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What are the benefits of EV?

With reduced/no fuel costs, EVs are instantly cheaper and more efficient to run than traditional fuel vehicles. Additionally they are often cheaper to service and are require no road tax.

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EV incentives and grants

Incentives and Grants

Financial grants and incentives are usually available to encourage EV adaptation. This can include discounted or free Home Charger Installation for EV owners.

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Learn the latest in EV

Explore the latest Chorley EV related new stories including our participation and promotion of our local communities across Lancashire or new EV related products.

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Learn more about electric vehicle products and technology with our 'How to' EV series uploaded to Youtube. We discuss the benefits, frequently asked questions and new EV related products.

What do customers think?

What do EV owners think?

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