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What is RTI & Finance GAP Insurance?

If your vehicle is stolen or written off as a result of an accident, fire or theft, most insurers will only pay market value for your vehicle even if the claim was no fault of your own. Depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle at the time of loss, the market value may be substantially less than the price that you paid for it originally.

Our combined Return to Invoice and Finance GAP insurance will pay the difference between your motor insurer’s settlement figure and the amount you originally paid for your vehicle in the unfortunate event that your vehicle is declared a total loss. And if the amount required to settle the finance agreement is greater than the original invoice price, we will cover the higher figure, meaning you won’t be paying for a vehicle you no longer use.

Combination GAP (RTI) Cover for New and Used Cars

This pays the difference between your motor insurance settlement (or Glass's Guide retail value whichever is the greater) and the net invoice price you paid for the vehicle.

Combination GAP (RTI) Cover provides you with financial protection for periods from 12 months up to a maximum period of 48 months depending on the level of cover you have purchased.

  • Cover will cease if you sell your vehicle or have a claim paid.
  • Claim limit is a maximum of £25,000.

An example of how it works

  • You buy a new vehicle costing £12,500.
  • Your vehicle is stolen or written-off.
  • Your insurance only pays £7,500, not the full £12,500.
  • You could be £5,000 out of pocket!
  • What happens without Combination GAP (RTI) Cover? GAP will cover the difference between the vehicle cost and the insurance pay-out (see below).

What happens WITHOUT combination GAP (RTI) Cover?

GAP Cover

What happens WITH combination GAP (RTI) Cover?

Gap Cover

Key Benefits of GAP Cover

  • If your motor insurance excess cannot be recovered from a third party, we will cover up to £250 of the excess for you.
  • A maximum benefit of £25,000 in the event of a total loss.
  • If at the date of loss your finance settlement figure is greater than your original invoice price, we will settle this higher figure for you.
  • Cover is provided on a monthly-pay basis and will protect your vehicle for up to 48 months.

How To Make a Claim

It's simple...

  • Contact the Claims department on 01926 622660 with your vehicle registration number as soon as you become aware of a potential total loss of your vehicle and BEFORE you accept any offers made to you by your Motor Insurer.
  • One of Premia Solution’s dedicated Claims Assessors will fully explain the claim process to you, and issue you with a claim form to complete where you will be asked to return it once your motor insurer has settled, along with additional documentation that relates to the settlement of your motor insurance claim.
  • On receipt of your fully completed claim form, Premia Solutions will assess your claim based on the policy terms and conditions.

Don't Forget

  • You should notify us of any potential total loss prior to accepting an offer from your motor insurer.

Some More Information To Consider

  • GAP Insurance is an optional product, and there is no obligation to buy.
  • GAP insurance is available from other providers elsewhere.
  • The list of coverage and exclusions contained in this document is not exhaustive. If you’re unsure whether or not your vehicle is covered, you should speak to your dealer.

Administered by: PREMIA SOLUTIONS LIMITED 3 Corunna Court, Corunna Road, Warwick CV34 5HQ. Tel: 01926 622660 Premia Solutions Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Ref 310089.

Got more questions? Visit our Policy page to find out more about GAP Insurance and what it can do for you.

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