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Combination GAP (RTI) Cover

Supplement your motor insurance for extra peace of mind with GAP.

What if your vehicle was one of the thousand of vehicles written-off or stolen in the UK every year? Would you insurance pay out enough for you to replace it with a similar car to the one you purchased? Our Combination GAP (RTI) Cover is a vehicle protection plan that is designed to pay out the difference between the total loss insurance settlement and the price you paid for the vehicle.

It is not a replacement for your motor insurance, but a valuable supplement that protects you against serious financial loss if you car is stolen or written-off.

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Nissan Qashqai

Combination GAP (RTI) Cover for New and Used Cars

This pays the difference between your motor insurance settlement (or Glass's Guide retail value whichever is the greater) and the net invoice price you paid for the vehicle.

Combination GAP (RTI) Cover provides you with financial protection for periods from 12 months up to a maximum period of 48 months depending on the level of cover you have purchased.

  • Cover will cease if you sell your vehicle or have a claim paid.
  • Claim limit is a maximum of £25,000.

An example of how it works

  • You buy a new vehicle costing £12,500.
  • Your vehicle is stolen or written-off.
  • Your insurance only pays £7,500, not the full £12,500.
  • You could be £5,000 out of pocket!
  • What happens without Combination GAP (RTI) Cover? GAP will cover the difference between the vehicle cost and the insurance pay-out (see below).

What happens WITHOUT combination GAP (RTI) Cover?

GAP Cover

What happens WITH combination GAP (RTI) Cover?

Gap Cover