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Car Running Costs

When choosing your new car you should always be aware of the additional running costs ownership entails. All vehicles must have insurance to legally drive and additionally all vehicles on the road must pay an annual Road Tax fee. Once your insurance and road tax is arranged there are the day to day running costs of the vehicle. Fuel costs will vary depending on the type, age and average mileage of the individual, new cars have better fuel consumption than older cars and thus cheaper to run.

Maintenance costs of a vehicle will age depend on factors like age of the vehicle and mileage. Our dealership can provide Servicing where our team of accredited franchise approved technicians examine the condition of your vehicle and give you peace of mind. Service payments can as part of a monthly service plan, which differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. For cars over 3 years of age, an annual MOT is required to check the road worthiness of the vehicle.