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Hyundai KONA Ironman Edition | A True Marvel

A vehicle so out of this world, even Tony Stark had to take a second look...

Hyundai Kona Ironman
Hyundai Kona Ironman Interior
Hyundai Kona Ironman Exterior


TrimEngineCO2 Emissions (g/km)Insurance Group
VED First Year CostBasic RetailVATRetail PriceRecommended
OTR Price
P11D ValueBIK Band
Ironman Edition 1.6 T-GDi 177PS Petrol 142 20A £205.00 £22,625.83 £4,525.17 £27,151.00 £27,995.00 £27,735.00 29%

The technological genius of Mr Stark himself, combined with the unstoppable spirit and performance of the Kona. Together for the first time, a limited edition Kona is coming to a dealership near you. Click hereto locate our Hyundai dealership in Blackpool.

A machine built to jet, fly, out-tech and protect you from the harsh elements the world can throw at you. The Kona is a vehicle designed for a true Marvel fan, it can turn your comic book dreams into reality as you drive around the busy city streets simulating what it would like to be Tony Stark, with a tuned up car that will out manoeuvre, out drive and put other road users to shame.

To start, the Kona gets a redesigned exterior which is finished in a two tone "Ironman Matte Grey" & "Red Armour" paint job along with an Iron Man "STARK Industries" emblem on the roof, sills and bonnet scoop.
Moving around the car you also get the benefit of gorgeously crafted 18" alloy wheels (complete with Ironman centre caps, because why not?), Ironman emblems on the front wing and a handful of Marvel logos.

Jump inside this beast and the interior has had an overhaul also. The gorgeous heated leather seats have the trademark "STARK" branding to mould you into the seats, getting you ready for some high G-Force when you launch onto the roads, guided by the beautiful 8" branded colour touchscreen console which mesmerising Ironman's eyes on startup to get you pumped for an awe inspiring driving experience.

Under the hood you will be surprised to see that unfortunately, there is no rockets to propel you along, but instead you get a meaty 175bph, 1.6 litre turbocharged petrol engine. The performance of the engine itself falls slightly short of Tony Starks' actual Iron Man suit, however, it does have a 0-62mph sprint speed of 7.9 seconds.

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