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Through its awe inspiring design and performance rivalled only by its first-class experience, Genesis is evolving luxury. The Hyundai Genesis presents owners with a highly-capable executive sedan that rewards with high levels of comfort and calm.

Hyundai Genesis Light
Hyundai Genesis Sun Roof
Hyundai Genesis Interior

Showcasing the latest evolution of Hyundai’s design philosophy, fluidic sculpture, the sleek, sophisticated styling the Genesis hints at its technical capabilities and conveys its assured road manners.

The generous accommodation provided includes levels of space and comfort never before seen in a Hyundai vehicle in Europe, and cossets occupants in opulent comfort. The accommodation uses fine materials to present a serene ambience, supported by advanced architecture that delivers superior refinement under all conditions.

Extensive levels of standard comfort features are immediately and simply accessed, thanks to excellent ergonomics and easily comprehended design. Minimal interior details support the calm cabin ambience to leave occupants feeling fresh after even the longest of journeys.

NVH (noise vibration and harshness) measures range from the complete blockage of noise to the creation of new sounds that enhance the driving experience. Genesis uses 51.5% advanced high-strength steel to improve handling and reduce noise and vibration, in addition to improving the vehicle’s safety. Moreover, by installing a bulkhead in the engine compartment and using effective soundproofing materials, engine and road noise is further reduced.

The Genesis features seats so comfortable you won’t want the journey to end. From that position, sit back and admire the fine fabrics and genuine quality materials on show. The result is a superbly relaxing driving experience for you and your passengers.

Combined Fuel Consumption
mpg / (l100)km
Combined CO2 Mass Emissions
Max Engine Power
3.8 GDi 315PS Petrol Automatic25.2 (11.2) 261 232 / 311 @ 6000 8

The Genesis has been meticulously planned, ensuring it’s ready to impress in an instant. Thousands of tests have resulted in an ideal weight ratio that maximises its performance on the road. The strong body structure has been carefully sculpted with both style and safety in mind, with reinforced structures that can withstand all distortions. Its bodywork hints at its aerodynamic agility, giving you a thrilling sense of freedom at your fingertips.

The Genesis is designed to provide optimal accelerating capacity at high speed and high torque at low to medium speeds. It means that whether you’re travelling long distances or manoeuvring around tight city roads, you’re in always complete control.

Available in a single, high-specification form, All-New Genesis is powered by a potent 3.8-litre V6 GDI engine which delivers plentiful power and torque across a broad range of engine speeds, and works in harmony with a smooth 8-speed automatic transmission to deliver refined performance. Driving pleasure and security is ensured by the sophisticated multi-link front and rear suspension and near-equal weight distribution.

From wet, rainy motorways, to muddy country lanes, the Advanced Traction Cornering Control (ATCC) will give you complete precision whatever the situation. Plus, the Drive mode control system will ensure that you can manoeuvre according to the road conditions so you can enjoy a relaxing journey on every occasion.

Hyundai Genesis Cream Seat
Hyundai Genesis Cream Interior
Hyundai Genesis Dashboard

Thousands of different technologies and considerations have gone into the Hyundai Genesis, from sensory innovations to finely produced materials. Whether you’re exploring wide open spaces in the country, or tight, narrow roads in the city, its features have been refined for every occasion.

Drive with freedom in the Genesis and you’ll be alerted about blind spot objects in advance. Ultrasonic sensors scan parking spaces, and help you park and exit them - with a 360 degree view of your surroundings. You’ll achieve all this without the slightest turn of your head, simply by looking at the instrument cluster. It’ll give you more accuracy when you really need it.

An auto defogging system to prevent windscreen fogging and a cluster ionizer to purify air create a fresher, more comfortable driving environment. In addition, the three-zone independent control mode makes it possible to adjust temperatures for the driver, front passenger, and back seats independently for greater comfort.

Occupants of All-New Genesis are protected and cared-for by a full portfolio of features that are both intelligent and unobtrusive. These include Smart Cruise Control, Automatic Emergency Braking and the world’s first CO2 cabin sensor to monitor the cabin’s environment and protect the driver from the dangers of drowsiness.


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