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Easy Care Servicing | For New Vehicles

Driven by passion. Why consider Easy Care Servicing?

When you purchase a new Fiat it is important that you take time to consider your service options. Easy Care Servicing is a service plan designed to be a simple way to budget for your car's servicing requirements, ensuring your car never missed a vital service interval and you get maximum life out of your vehicle.

To help you simplify this process Fiat have created a 3 year annual service plan applicable for every Fiat model* for one standard price. The plan includes all of your essential servicing requirements, containing three annual services for 3 years taken in accordance with the maintenance schedule.

All Fiat Models - One Price of £399*
Three year annual service plan

Year Petrol Diesel
Year 1 9,000 mls 12,000 mls
Year 2 18,000 mls 24,000 mls
Year 3 27,000 mls 36,000 mls

Your Easy Care Service Plan has been specifically selected to maximise the life and condition of your engine. Given the unique nature of each engine the servicing schedule is slightly different depending on whether you have chosen a petrol or a diesel model. Both schedules include an annual service workshop visit but their mileage requirements are slightly different.

For petrol models the annual service scheduled is set at 9,000 miles, 18,000 miles and 27,000 miles. For diesel models due to their different characteristics the annual service is set at 12,000 miles, 24,000 miles and 36,000 miles. The price, however, is the same.


Additional Items

Your Easy Care Servicing Maintenance Plan is designed to provide your car with all of the essential maintenance required to maintain its warranty and to ensure it is kept in the very best condition. If your vehicle does require any additional work outside of the Maintenance Plan, your authorised Fiat dealer will always notify you to obtain your consent before proceeding with the work.

*Please note this Maintenance Plan excludes Qubo and Doblo models, please ask your dealer for maintenance plans for these vehicles.

Terms and Conditions:

1 Definitions 1.1 In these terms and conditions, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings given to them below: “Agreement”: the Customer’s signed acceptance of the Order Form referring to these terms and conditions. “Authorised Service Network”: dealerships and workshops authorised by Fiat to carry out maintenance and servicing of Vehicles. “Customer”: the owner or registered keeper of a Vehicle who has signed the Order Form. “Dealer”: a dealership within the Authorised Service Network agreeing to these terms and conditions. “Maintenance Plan” or “Easy Care Servicing”: the provision of Scheduled Servicing for a Vehicle to be performed by an Authorised Dealer.

“Order Form”: the document signed by the Customer accepting the Maintenance Plan. “Scheduled Servicing” the regular maintenance carried out in accordance with the Manufacturer’s recommendations as set out in the vehicle handbook. “Vehicle”: a new passenger car for which the registration and chassis number appear on the Order Form.

2. Easy Care Servicing 2.1 The Maintenance Plan covers the cost of parts, lubricants and labour required for Scheduled Servicing for a Vehicle as follows: For Petrol engine models: Services due at 9,000, 18,000 and 27,000 miles or once a year for up to three years, whichever occurs first. For Diesel engine models: Services due at 12,000, 24,000 and 36,000 miles or once a year for up to three years, whichever occurs first. 2.2 Scheduled Servicing of a Vehicle under the Maintenance Plan must be carried out at an Authorised Dealer. 2.3 The Maintenance Plan does not include any additional items which are not part of the Scheduled Servicing including, but not limited to: a) topping up of screen washer fluid and lubricants between two Scheduled Servicing operations; b) any additional maintenance operations or lubricant change; c) replacement or restoring of parts subject to wear such as gaskets, clutch, tyres, bulbs, wiper blades, brake discs and pads, batteries, shock absorbers, exhaust tailpipes and ancillary belts. (Please refer to the owner’s handbook for full details of wear and tear items); and d) any diagnostics required as a result of additional faults reported at the time of the Scheduled Servicing. 2.4 If the Customer decides to proceed with additional items not included within the Scheduled Servicing, the costs must be paid for separately by the Customer. 2.5 The Scheduled Servicing may be carried out under the Maintenance Plan within the Fiat Service Network anywhere in the European Economic Area. 2.6 The Customer is required to present the service book in order to obtain the benefit of the Maintenance Plan.

3. Exclusions 3.1 The Customer will not be entitled to the benefits of the Maintenance Plan if: a) the Vehicle is modified, damaged or used in competitive events or rallies; b) the Vehicle’s odometer is tampered with or reset without the consent of the manufacturer; or c) the Customer fails to take reasonable care of the Vehicle or fails to present the Vehicle for servicing to be carried out within the time-frame stated in the Vehicle’s handbook. 3.2 If any of the circumstances in Clause 3.1 apply, the Customer will not be entitled to a refund in whole or in part.

4. Transfer 4.1 The Maintenance Plan remains with the Vehicle and is transferable to subsequent owners but is not transferable to another vehicle.

5. Privacy Policy 5.1 The data you provide on the Order Form will be processed, stored and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988 and our privacy policy, found at the website You can correct or update your personal details by writing to the Data Protection Officer, Fiat House, 240 Bath Road, Slough SL1 4DX.

6. Cancellation 6.1 You have the right to cancel the policy at any time during the first 28 days of the completion date for a full refund. If you cancel after this date then you will not be entitled to receive a refund.

7. Law and Jurisdiction 7.1 Any dispute relating to this Agreement shall be subject to English law and to the jurisdiction of the English courts.